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Overcoming Barriers to Cover Crop use in Hazelnut Production

Authors: Shannon Cappellazzi, Abigail Tomasek, Nik Wiman This project will collect and communicate information that will help producers incorporate cover crops into hazelnut production. We will conduct a survey to identify the major barriers…

Soil health outcomes of sheep grazing of cover corp in vineyards

Amélie Gaudin, Associate Professor of Agroecology, Department of Plant Sciences This research explores how biodiversity and animal re-integration through grazing cover crops impacts soil ecosystems and functions in vineyards. We are specifically interested in…

Cover crop best management guide for Almond systems

Amélie Gaudin, Associate Professor of Agroecology, Department of Plant Sciences Cover crops can provide ecosystem services in almond orchards without compromising yield, but adoption remains low due to operational constraints and lack of data…

Utah Cover Crop Research and Demonstration

Matt Palmer, Utah State University Extension, Sanpete County Director Cover crops are being heavily promoted by government agencies and other organizations, yet little replicated research on cover crops has been conducted in Utah. This…

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