Pacific Islands Regional Committee

Serving Serving American Samoa, CNMI, Guam, FSM, and Hawaii.

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Member NameAffiliationLocationOfficeElected
Dave ElliotOahu RC&DHawaiiChairMay 2021
Jason HansonUSDAHawaiiMemberMay 2021
Jay BostGoFarm Farm CoachHawaiiMemberMay 2021
David “Kawika” DuvauchelleNRCS Plant Materials CenterHawaii (Molokai)MemberMay 2021
Richard OgoshiNRCSHawaiiMemberMay 2021
Jensen UyedaUniversity of Hawaii, CTAHR ExtensionHawaiiMemberMay 2021
Koon-Hui WangUniversity of HawaiiHawaiiMemberMay 2021
Updated September 2021

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