Pacific Northwest Region Committee

Serving Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

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Member NameAffiliationLocationOfficeElected
Doug CollinsWashington State UniversityWashingtonChairAug 2020
Jeremy AllenFive Kingdoms FarmOregonMemberNov 2019
Nick AndrewsOregon State UniversityOregonMemberNov 2019
Jim BronecPraying Mantis FarmOregonMemberMar 2021
Fara BrummerOregon State UniversityOregonMemberNov 2019
Shannon CappellazziGrassland OregonOregonMemberSept 2021
Javier Fernandez-SalvadorOregon State UniversityOregonMemberNov 2019
Steven HinesUniversity of IdahoIdahoMemberNov 2019
Leslie MichelWashington State Dept of AgWashingtonMemberNov 2019
Ashley RoodOregon Climate and Agriculture NetworkOregonMemberNov 2019
Updated September 2021

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