Southwest Region Committee

Serving Arizona, California, and Nevada.

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Member NameAffiliationLocationOfficeElected
Sarah LightSutter-Yuba UC Cooperative ExtensionCaliforniaCommittee ChairNovember 2019
Mae CulumberUC Agriculture and Natural Resources Division CECaliforniaMemberApril 2020
Amelie GaudinUC DavisCaliforniaMemberJune 2020
Tom JohnsonKamprath SeedsCaliforniaMemberApril 2020
Zahangir KabirUSDA NRCSCA, NV, & Pacific IslandsLiaisonNovember 2020
Ben KingPacific Gold AgricultureCaliforniaMemberApril 2020
Gary McCuinUniversity of Nevada, RenoNevadaMemberApril 2020
Isaac MpangaUniversity of ArizonaArizonaMemberApril 2020
Brian ParkPark FarmingCaliforniaMember April 2020
Charles SchembreDesert Farming Initiative, UNRNevadaMemberNovember, 2020
Billy SynkProject Apis m.CaliforniaMemberNovember 2019
Committee list updated 01/2021

Check out The Soil HEalth Connection YouTube Channel

Sarah Light, Soil Scientist, UC Farm Advisor, and SW Committee Chair, demonstrates soil sampling for her cover crop trials on 6 sites throughout the Sacramento Valley. Check out more videos on her channel here.

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