Cover crop best management guide for Almond systems

Amélie Gaudin, Associate Professor of Agroecology, Department of Plant Sciences

Cover crops can provide ecosystem services in almond orchards without compromising yield, but adoption remains low due to operational constraints and lack of data on tradeoffs. This project synthesizes research, experimentation, and on-farm experience to develop a set of preliminary best management practices for cover crop use in almonds. Funded by Almond Board of California

Contact: Vivian Wauters, Postdoctoral fellow (

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Grazing Winter Cover Crops With Sheep to Improve Economic Feasibility in Annual Vegetable Systems

Amélie Gaudin, Associate Professor of Agroecology, Department of Plant Sciences

Sheep grazing of cover crops could provide new ways to offset the cost of winter cover crops in annual vegetable systems while enhancing soil health outcomes. This project compares soil health, foodborne pathogen risk and productivity of 3 winter management strategies (grazed cover crop, ungrazed cover crop, and fallow) in tomato systems. Funded by CDFA Healthy Soils Program (CA Climate Investments)

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Utah Cover Crop Research and Demonstration

Matt Palmer, Utah State University Extension, Sanpete County Director

Cover crops are being heavily promoted by government agencies and other organizations, yet little replicated research on cover crops has been conducted in Utah. This study proposes a multi-county project to collect replicated data on how cover crops perform and how they influence forage and soil quality in Utah. Funded by USU Extension Grant.… Read the rest

Evaluation of Cover Crop Species for their ability to mitigate soil compaction in an annual rotation

Sarah E. Light, Agronomy Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension

Three species (white mustard, safflower, and triticale) are being evaluated for their ability to mitigate soil compaction. This three-year trial is evaluating winter cover crops grown in a summer annual rotation. Soil compaction measurements, as well as other indicators of soil physical properties, are being collected. This project is funded by the CDFA Healthy Soils Program.… Read the rest