SIFT 2021: A Small-Scale Urban Intensive Farm Contributes to a Resilient Food System

Authors: John Wallace and Andrew Coggins, NCAT Agriculture Specialists

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NCAT’s Small-Scale Intensive Farm Training program (SIFT) operates a high-altitude urban demonstration farm in Butte, Montana, that is focused on production of food for the good of the community. This publication provides details on the role that the farm plays in educating and producing food for the community. It highlights ongoing cover crop experiments, fruit tree propagation, and water-conservation strategies at the farm, as well as construction of a new high tunnel.… Read the rest

Grazing Winter Cover Crops With Sheep to Improve Economic Feasibility in Annual Vegetable Systems

Amélie Gaudin, Associate Professor of Agroecology, Department of Plant Sciences

Sheep grazing of cover crops could provide new ways to offset the cost of winter cover crops in annual vegetable systems while enhancing soil health outcomes. This project compares soil health, foodborne pathogen risk and productivity of 3 winter management strategies (grazed cover crop, ungrazed cover crop, and fallow) in tomato systems. Funded by CDFA Healthy Soils Program (CA Climate Investments)

Contact: Sequoia Williams, PhD student (… Read the rest

Soil Nitrate Testing for Willamette Valley Vegetable Production (2019) EM9221


This publication describes how to use in-season soil nitrate testing to adjust sidedress N fertilizer application rate to match crop N requirements. Data to support our recommendations comes from field trials conducted in the Willamette Valley for vegetable crops produced during summer months.… Read the rest